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Windstruck Korean movie romantic comedy movie Eng Sub (2004)

by JesSica Lamb69.778 views

Plot: The film stars Jun Ji-Hyun as officer yeo Kyung-Jin, an ambious young female police officer serving on the seoul police department. One day while chasing a purse snatcher, she accidentally captures go Myung-Woo (played by hang Hyuk), a physics teacher at an all - girls school, who was actually trying to catch the thief. Later, myung-woo discovers the stolen purse, but just as he picks it up, Kyung-Jin spots him and tries to arrest him again. Kyung-Jin is then given the job of escorting Myung-Woo through a dangerous district, only to be distracted when she tries to break up a meeting between Russian mafia and Korean gangasters. With Myung-Woo handcuffed to her, Kyung-Jin almost single-handily brings down the two rival gangs cal though she is helped when she accidentally causes the groups to start shooting at each other. You have to watch to know what happened next. Cast: Jun Ji-Hyun Hang Hyuk Please like, share, and subscribe. And don't forget to check my other video.