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The Tricky Master 1999 - HD Stephen Chow Movies (Eng Sub)

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The Tricky Master 1999 - Stephen Chow Movies (Eng Sub) Leung Foon is a happy-go-lucky man with a girlfriend named Pizza and he is a police detective in the Happy Valley Police Station tasked of being a small-time undercover with his superior nicknamed "Thousand Faced Man" but after their undercover case of protecting a millionaire's daughter nearly failed, Leung was tired of taking undercover work and even protested to quit the police force if he's not given a big-time case. Eventually "Thousand Faced" gave Leung the biggest task of bringing a big-time swindler named Ferrari to justice with a promotion being the reward despite Leung failing his "preparedness test". Leung first starts the investigation by doing what he does best, going undercover as a "invited guest" heading towards Ferrari's beach. As he arrived on the shore, he met First Love, a con woman in disguise of a sweet, cool girl and asking for her phone number (she typed a vulgarity on his mobile phone.) After one of Ferrari's henchmen, Fat Pig splashed on Leung at the beach, he was taken to Ferrari's mansion to become one of his security guards. After Leung realized he was tricked by Ferrari and one of his con women, First Love along with losing his job after Ferrari encrypted all his server's data with a computer virus knowing what was going on, Leung was forced to approach Pizza's brother-in-law Master Wong, a gifted conman whom he and Pizza met in Macau and hated by Leung to learn his skills and become a conman with a vengeance. ======================== Initial release: August 5, 1999 Director: Wong Jing Production company: BoB and Partners Co. Ltd. Written by: Wong Jing Cinematography: Chiu-Lam Ko