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COGNITIO (Danish short film) - FULL MOVIE

by VEON PRODUCTIONS1.901.112 views

*** VOTE FOR THE FILM ON EKKO SHORTLIST! https://www.ekkofilm.dk/shortlist/film/cognitio/ GIVE IT 6 STARS AND HELP IT MAKE IT TO THE TOP 10 LIST! *** LINK: https://www.ekkofilm.dk/shortlist/film/hybris/ The boy Tobias is hospitalized in a psychiatric institution. Here, he meets the boy Emil, a boy with an entirely different view on life and the situation he and Tobias is in. The two boys develop a close friendship that puts the mind and boundaries of Tobias to the test. COGNITIO is a Danish short film by Rebecca Emcken, one of the two directors of "We Are Okay Now" (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNH_Gi4aX68&lc=z23qvnyjhxb3xv2yj04t1aokgo3bznfl4xtbjuuq50b2bk0h00410 ). Listen to the movie soundtrack here: https://soundcloud.com/clara-kokseby/sets/cognitio-score Written and directed by: Rebecca Emcken Starring: Lasse Steen Jensen Lior David Cohen With: Mikkel Rishøj Sanne Sol Katja Dyring Shahbaz Sarwar Christopher Melgaard Music by: Clara Kokseby Released in October 2018.