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[ENG SUB] SCI 谜案集 01 SCI Mystery 01

Ep2 was deleted and were trying to get these on Dailymotion under the channel S.C.I. English Learning Fansub the next couple of episodes should be coming out soon, Well try to get ep2 with the subs up on there as well. Once we have posted ep3 I’ll include the link on the channel, thanks! here's the link to the DM https://www.dailymotion.com/sunnycalifornia612 ep3 should be out in these couple of days if not tomorrow :) thanks for waiting 這不是我的哦哦,這是優酷的大哥哥大姐姐的心血,我沒有授權也沒有收錢呵呵呵呵我只是翻譯的而已因為我看到很多外國人想看這部劇 this video is not mine, i'm only the translator since I saw a lot of people wanting to watch this who doesn't speak chinese P.S. 翻譯有的時候不是黑白的,尤其是如果有文化區別的話,所以如果我的翻譯您覺得不太對,請多多包容 translation isn't always black and white, especially if there is a different in culture, if you think my translation isn't quite right, please forgive me 優酷拜託拜託別刪我我知道您們在刪其他的視頻拜託別刪我,我是唯一有英文字幕的主,除非您們要出英文版本請別刪我 Also Youku I know you are deleting videos from YT please don't delete me lolollolol I'm the only one w eng sub unless you're coming out with them soon please don't delete me IF it gets deleted off of youtube http://list.youku.com/show/id_zefbfbd3c7b021defbfbd.html here's the Youku link, Youku is the organization(?) entertainment company(?) that made the show, it's legal there but I don't think there's eng sub (this is based off a chinese bl novel sorry I don't know the English name, the chinese name is the same as the tv show)